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Founded in 1973, Blacktop Maintenance Corp. is a vertically integrated corporation providing a wide range of construction services including aggregate production, site development, utility installation, recycling, asphalt and concrete paving

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Project: Adam's Fairacre Farms
Start Date: 03-01-2010
End Date:08-01-2011
Perform all sitework including clearing and grubbing/utility installation, traffic signal, 1600 l.f. of modular block retaining wall, curb and gutter and asphal...
Project: DCDPW Asphalt Paving, Various Locations
Start Date: 09-01-2010
End Date:06-01-2011
Perform milling, hot in-place , recycling, fibermat installation, utility adjustment and preparation prior to installing 20,000 tons of bituminous concrete on 5...